Creating the ideal work station setup can be broken down into 3 main zones when looking from a birds eye view.

The Optimum Reach Zone:
The most consideration should be given to your optimum reach zone.
You should be able to reach everything with your elbows by your side.
Within your optimum reach, should be all the things that you use constantly throughout the day. For example, your mouse and keyboard, pens, phone etc.
The Maximum Reach Zone:
This is everything that you can reach with your arm extended.
Within maximum reach should be everything you use regularly throughout the day. For example, documents, stapler, screen (for adjustments) etc.
The Outer Reach Zone:
This is everything outside of your reach whilst you are seated. Everything that requires you to get up out of your chair.
Your outer reach would contain the things you use only occasionally throughout the day. For example, filing cabinet, printer, stationary etc.
Creating your ideal work station setup enables you to keep your elbows down and by your side, your shoulders relaxed and your wrists straight as much as possible. This will help you to reduce the load on your neck and shoulders.
Additional tips to creating healthy work habits:
When using your mouse, try to maintain a relaxed hand and finger position. Shake you hands out every now and then to release any built up tension.
Avoid cradling your phone between the ear and the shoulder.
Consider the use of a document holder where required to help minimise the amount of times you have to look down.
Ensure regular breaks to stand up, move around and stretch wherever you may feel a little tight or tired. The added benefit of this habit will be that you will unconsciously vary your posture.
Your lunch break should be taken away from your desk whenever this is possible.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You may notice that this will also help you to stay alert and remain productive.
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