Nourish and tonify your body and immune system


David is constantly continuing his studies and increasing his use of two forms of treatment called Moxibustion (Moxa) and Polarity medicine. These are “Eastern” modalities that he uses to increase the amount of conditions he can treat. Conditions that often fall outside of what is considered to be the standard issues treated through physiotherapy. David’s skill set is broadened significantly by using these therapies and enable him to diagnose much more effectively.

Moxibustion and Polarity Medicine are both highly effective and painless. Moxa is an ancient art of healing achieved by the burning of a naturally occurring herb called mugwort. The practice has been written about in Chinese texts dating back as far as the 3rd century BC. It was introduced to Japan from China more than a thousand years ago and became popular in Japan a few centuries later.  Buddhist monks practiced it using the mugwort growing in abundance in Japan.

How do we use it?

Moxa may be applied directly onto the skin, on a platform, or held over the skin to provide a deep penetrating heat to the acupuncture points. Heat shields are used in our practice to avoid any intense heat sensations and to ensure the experience is warm and comforting. Moxa is best used to treat conditions of the blood from an Eastern perspective. Acupuncture is better suited to treating conditions of Qi or energy. Both modalities are often combined in the one treatment. Moxa is a great alternative for patients who would benefit from acupuncture but have a restrictive fear of needles and can be used alone.


Why do we use it?

Moxibustion is very effective in reducing pain and inflammation. David often uses it to soften tight muscles, relieve spasms and therefore improve mobility. It is warming and stimulates the immune response and local capillary action thereby revitalising the tissue. The increased blood flow brings more nourishment and oxygen to the cells, eliminates carbon dioxide, disperses the acidity of the local tissues and creates an increase in immune defending cells to the area.

Moxa is an invaluable enhancement for the immune system and helps defend against disease. Patients have given great feedback in our clinic regarding moxa’s effectiveness in assisting many conditions. These include: Relieving acute muscle spasm. Supporting better sleep and calming the mind. Improving appetite. Regulating bowel function. Easing period pains and regulating menstruation. Improving their sense of well-being and increasing energy. Of course, there are so many more conditions where moxa can be highly effective.

Research in Japan has shown many effects on blood chemistry with the application of moxibustion, which may account for the body’s ability to respond positively to the treatment. The fundamental principle is the promotion of blood circulation. There is an increase in white blood cell count, red blood cells and haemoglobin, the speed of blood coagulation increases, blood glucose count increases and the capacity to produce antibodies also increases.

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