Calf Injuries are a common occurrence in people who are involved in sports that include running, jumping, hopping and landing activities.

Excessive forces during explosive contraction, eccentric control loading or when your calf muscles fatigue often result in pain and injury.

Your calf muscle group consists of two muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) that attach to your achilles tendon.

Injuries can occur to both muscle and tendon structures.

There are several non sporting factors which can also predispose patients to developing calf strain.

Whatever the cause of your calf pain, assessment and correction where necessary from a physiotherapist is required.

Remember….Pain = Injury! The sooner you deal with an injury, the sooner you will be back up and running!

As with many injuries, simply ignoring calf pain for more than a couple of days and waiting for it to get better on it’s own may leave you with scar tissue. This scar tissue can cause ongoing restriction of use and other further issues.

Physiotherapy for a calf injury is vital to hasten the healing process, ensure an optimal outcome and minimise the likelihood of recurrence.

With accurate assessment and early treatment, most calf injuries respond extremely quickly to physiotherapy; allowing you to quickly resume the normal activities of daily living pain free. Particularly if you are keen to get back into your chosen sport!

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